Christian Lindquist – Swedish Noir

Sometimes music can empower contemplation.

From personal experience and preference, I find that one of the best types of music for self-reflection taps into New Age and Instrumental. It’s effortlessly emotional, and without lyrics it’s easy to listen and focus on your own thoughts.

I recently (like, today) discovered pianist and composer Christian Lundquist, who wrote and recorded this lovely piece. The melody alternates between E♭Major and its relative, c minor, giving it a somber yet serene disposition. It’s perfect for moments when you’re thinking about the meaning of life or a relationship that hurts so good.

A Little Bit About Christian Lindquist

Christian Lindquist resides along the islands west of Sweden, outside of of Gothenburg. Much of his music is inspired by Sweden’s natural beauty. He describes his music as “quiet, introspective and deeply personal.” Visit Christian Lindquist’s Soundcloud to hear many more of his heart-tugging pieces. Enjoy!