Tinashe – Vulnerable (Gold Fields Remix)

Deep, chill tracks.

To be vulnerable means to be to be susceptible to emotional or physical attack. No other word could be fitting for a song like this. The chill and semi-deep melody of this is likely to seduce its listeners and make them vulnerable.

The original track, sung by Tinashe, is a definitely not as upbeat as this remix. In fact, it’s a little melancholy and dark. However, I think Gold Fields did a great job giving the tune life and making it something that you might want to bop your head to. Or at least turn up while you’re lounging with a glass (or bottle) of your favorite wine.


Don’t stop looking at me

Once upon a time I was all alone
How you like me now? Do I turn you on?
Now I got you drunk, hot, and vulnerable
Show me what you want, give me what you want, want
Have to make you mine, get you on the floor
Yeah, watch me go to work, I’ll put on a show
Now I got you drunk, hot and vulnerable
Show me what you want, give me what you want, want

Don’t stop looking at me

These niggas ain’t bout it, bout it
These niggas ain’t nothing on you baby
You got it got it
The way you run shit and make it rain so well
My Birkin bag, my pinky ring
Coat tail
Oh yeah

Don’t stop looking at me

A Little Bit About Tinashe

Tinashe Jørgensen Kachingwe is a young woman of many talents. She’s a singer, song-writer, dancer and actress. In 2014, she became widely known from her song “2 On,” which peaked at number 24 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Besides singing and writing catchy tunes, she acts and has a recurring role in Two and a Half Men. Another thing worth mentioning: she has a black belt in Taekwondo. Don’t mess.

Personally, Tinashe reminds me of Cassie from almost a decade back. Most of her sexy tunes are very body-grind-worthy. Check them out, and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

A Little Bit About Gold Fields

Gold Fields is a group hailing from Ballarat, Australia and consists of members: Mark Robert Fuller, Vinci Andanar, Luke Peldys,
Rob Clifton and Ryan D’Sylva. They’ve previously toured in North America back in 2013 and even performed along side Capital Cities. There isn’t much information out there about them as they are a young group, but if they keep their music up, they’re definitely going to be a group worth watching.

Their chill-axin’ tunes and remixes are perfect to lounge to. Below are some other favorites of mine:

Visit Gold Fields’ Soundcloud to get more chill-axin’ tracks.