AudioTreats – Farewell Part A

Smooth, chill and hypnotic.

I first heard this track in a really neat card shuffling video by Kuma Films. I was immediately hooked to the tune and had to get a hold of it. Upon some quick digging on the world wide web, I landed upon AudioTreats’ SoundCloud page, where I found more amazing tracks. It turns out, AudioTreats is definitely up and coming. Much of his tracks on SoundCloud are not available anywhere else, though there are a few awesome tunes on Spotify. This trend may not last very long as he was recently signed.

A Little Bit About AudioTreats

The man behind AudioTreats is Haein Lee, and according to his SoundCloud page he’s currently in Salt Lake City, Utah and his heritage is Korean. In my brief email correspondence with him, I learned that he was once a California resident too!

The thing I like most about AudioTreats (besides his music) is how humble he is. He told me it was unnecessary for me to contribute extra dollars when I purchased his album, but was very thankful. What a stand-up guy. Plus, taking the time to email fans? It’s the huge icing on the cake.

Other tracks by AudioTreats:

If you listen to “Graffiti” carefully, you can hear a little bit of “Emotions” from Destiny’s Child.

Love this track? Add it to your SoundCloud playlist or even better, purchase “Farewell Part A” so you can have it on repeat.